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Tower Diffuser

$188.00 Regular price $225.00

Elevate your space with our Tower diffuser. Experience delightful scents that create a captivating ambiance. Transform your surroundings into a sanctuary of pure bliss and enjoy a unique sensory experience.

Dimension: 122*288mm
Bottle Capacity: 120ml (fragrance is not included)
Consumption: 0.07 - 0.6ml/hr
Material: Aluminum
Coverage: up to 1,500 square feet

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      Tower Diffuser

      $188.00 USD Regular price $225.00 USD

      What is cold-air diffusion?

      Cutting-edge cold-air diffusers utilize nebulization, an innovative process that transforms fragrance oils into an ultrafine dry mist. These minuscule nanoparticles remain suspended in the air for hours, leaving no residue. This advanced technology requires no water, alcohol, or heat, allowing scents to be diffused in their purest form.

      Differences between nebulization and ultrasonic

      When fragrances are dispersed through nebulization, they undergo a process that converts them into an extremely fine dry mist, eliminating any residue. This method effectively maintains the intended properties of the fragrance keeping their olfactory benefits intact. Unlike dilution in water, heating, or the addition of solvents, nebulization ensures the fragrances remain undiluted. Consequently, the outcome is a delicate scent that remains consistently pleasing throughout the day.


      How To Set It Up

      Experience The Benefits

      Enhance your space with a heightened atmosphere

      Infuse your surroundings with individuality and fascination

      Foster an environment that is warm and unforgettable

      Boosts feelings of happiness and well-being

      Alleviates stress and anxiety

      Suitable for pets and children (Free from parabens, sulfates, glycols, petrochemicals, synthetic colors, and other additives)

      Prime Features

      Adjust the fragrance intensity to your liking and create a personalized aroma experience.

      Set timers for aromatic bliss with the 24-hour timer feature, effortlessly scheduling your scented moments.

      Take advantage of Bluetooth connectivity and control settings conveniently through our dedicated app.


      Enjoy the simplicity of our innovative design, eliminating the need for water mixing.

      Set It Up

      1. Gently pull on the diffuser's top and lift upwards to reveal its opening and unscrew the empty bottle furnished from the diffuser’s top.

      2. Unscrew the cap of your preferred Flair fragrance. Please note that Flair fragrances are specifically formulated for optimal performance with our nebulizing technology. Using fragrances from other brands may cause clogging and will invalidate your warranty.

      Securely screw the new bottle back into the diffuser’s top and insert into the diffuser. Ensure it is fully in place by pushing it down.

      3. Initiate the aromatic journey by pressing the POWER button and fine-tune the scent experience by manually adjusting the intensity level using the + and – buttons. 

      For optimal results, we recommend starting at the lowest setting and allowing the scent to disperse throughout your space before gradually increasing the intensity.

      General Questions

      Where can I download the app for controlling the intensity?

      The app you need to download is called Scenting, and it is available for both iOS and Android devices.

      What is the maximum room size that the tower diffuser can handle?

      The tower diffuser is most effective under 1 400 square feet. For bigger environments we do have other custom solutions, please email use at

      Where can I position the diffuser?

      You should place it where the diffuser can benefit from natural airflow in the space. It is important to ensure that the diffuser remains stable and does not tip over. For more details, refer to the User Manual.

       Do I need to adjust it?

      Yes, it is recommended to adjust the diffuser to suit your room size. If the diffuser is set too high for the room size, it may cause discomfort. Adjusting the scent intensity is simple using the Scenting app, which allows you to choose from levels.

      How strong should I make the scent?

      It is important to remember that less is more when using the plug-in. With just a small amount of scent, you can eliminate bad odours and create a unique ambiance. Unlike other air fresheners, the plug-in can be easily adjusted. The human nose quickly becomes accustomed to smells, so if you no longer detect the scent, it doesn't mean it's not there. To gauge the strength of the scent, step out of the scented area and re-enter with a fresh nose for a better assessment.

      How long does the fragrance last?

      For most diffusers it typically lasts for 4 weeks with daily usage of approximately 8 hours per day at medium intensity. To preserve the fragrance, the device includes a 24/7 internal timer controlled by the app. This allows you to determine the operating times of the diffuser throughout the day. The duration may vary depending on the fragrance used, as certain oils diffuse more quickly due to their consistency and viscosity.

      Can I set different timer schedules for each day?

      Yes, you can set up to 5 different timer schedules for your plug-in scent machine using the Scenting app. This allows you to specify specific turn-on and turn-off times for any day of the week.

      What is the average fragrance consumption?

      The consumption depends on the fragrance being used and the intensity. On average, it ranges from 0.50 ml to 0.80 ml per hour.

      Can I use any type of oils in my home diffuser?

      Only use our fragrances in your home diffuser. Other oils or oil blends may contain base oils that could lead to clogging of the device. It is advisable to avoid using many single note essential oils in the diffuser, as their thick or heavy consistency can cause clogging and hinder scent diffusion. Flair's diffuser blends are carefully formulated to be effective, safe, and easy to use in your cold-air diffuser.

      Are the diffusers safe to use around children and pets?

      Yes, when used as directed and exclusively with Flair fragrances, the devices are considered the safest cold-air diffuser option available.

      How do our diffusers differ from aerosol and ultrasonic diffusers?

      Aerosol sprays release large particles that quickly settle to the ground upon spraying, providing high concentrations of scent only in the immediate vicinity. The scent effect is short-lived and uncontrollable. Ultrasonic diffusers utilise water and vibrations to disperse small amounts of essential and aroma oils. In contrast, our diffusers do not require dilution with water or other carrier oils. The suspended scent particles diffused remain in the air for several hours, creating a subtle and pleasant scented environment. It continuously and evenly provides a well-balanced scent experience in low dosages without the use of alcohol, water, propellants, or other harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

      Are the diffusers eco-friendly?

      Flair Diffusers are known for being the most eco-friendly products on the market. Unlike aerosols, they do not utilise propellants or contain phthalates, thereby avoiding the production of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Furthermore, it does not rely on ethanol or similar solvents to enhance the evaporation of essential and aroma oils, distinguishing it from many other air fresheners.


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