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Airports & Airlines

Ensuring Tranquil and Rejuvenated Travels

Transforming Airlines with Scents

Fragrances entered the transportation industry as early as 1959 when the Paris Metro introduced the scent of carnation into their trains to enhance passenger comfort and well-being. This trend now resonates with numerous airlines and travel enterprises. They recognize the importance of customer fidelity and brand recognition. Fragrance integration can achieve various objectives, be it conveying a sense of luxury associated with your brand, generating a soothing atmosphere for apprehensive and wearied voyagers, or manifesting a sanitary, welcoming space for travelers.

Travel Insight

"The moment you step into a Cathay Pacific Lounge, it's immediately identifiable, and passengers can unwind in the familiar comfort akin to a homely atmosphere."

Ben Schlappig, travel consultant and blogger, One Mile At A Time.

Signature Fragrances Tied to Brands

For many travel businesses, scent marketing has become a vital component of their brand strategy. Each fragrance is meticulously crafted to remind customers identifiable features of these brands, while complementing the ambiance of the environment. The outcome is a signature scent that precisely portrays the emotions and experiences brands wish to convey to their customers.

Soothing Spaces

Our luxury fragrances help reduce tension and worry in waiting lounges, creating a more relaxed environment for anxious passengers.

Touch of Elegance

Infusing fragrances into premier lounges, such as those for business and first-class passengers, adds depth and grandeur to the customer experience.

Let's Craft Your Olfactory Signature

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